Important Tips for Buying House in Kelapa Gading in 2015

For the moment, building and investing home store (shop) is not a wise decision. Especially in locations that are already well established with a high selling price. The reason, potential growth rates are increasingly thinning activity, as well as transactions in the secondary market.


Executive Director of the Center for the study of the properties of Indonesia (PSPI), Panangian Simanungkalit, explicate it related prospects property business by 2015, Monday (19/1/2015).

“Ruko in regions such as favorite Kelapa Gading (North Jakarta), Serpong (Tangerang), Puri Indah (West Jakarta), and Pondok Indah (South Jakarta) designate stagnated. The price is already too high, average reach over Rp 2 billion, “said Panangian.

Panangian explains when it’s too high, then the potential for growth is priced so thinned. Little chance to raise the selling price of over ten percent. Because the prospective buyers in both the primary market or secondary will re-think and realign with his business.

“Is it feasible buy shop for Rp 2 billion, Rp 37 billion even if his business is just a beauty shop or food. If the business of luxury car dealers still makes sense, “demolished Panangian.

He continued, if the price of the shophouses have penetrated the figure of Rp 2 billion to the top, it is not feasible. “And, I reiterate will not sell. For example a shop in St Moritz Puri Indah, Lippo had trouble selling them because the market is not willing to subjugate them, “Frank Panangian.

Otherwise, shop built in the new residential area developed have the prospects brighter. According to Panangian, basically the shophouse will follow the direction of the development of housing.

“Where housing is built, there certainly is no shop. Well, shop-houses that are sticking with the housing could have a bright prospect this year, “said Panangian.

Such is the case with airport homes (townhouse) in Pondok Indah and Kemang, South Jakarta, would suffer a similar fate i.e. stagnate in sales. Townhouse apartments are upscale competitors have good strata as well as servicing.

“Expatriates who work in the corridors of the TB Simatupang, have started to turn to the apartment. They consider factors of security, privacy, and practical, ” according to official local property statistic rumah dijual di kelapa gading.

Note the Colliers International Indonesia mentions no significant changes in the level of serapantownhouse during semester II in 2014. Because, the expatriates began strictly supervised by the age limit by applying the immigration workers.

According to Colliers, permintaannmasih originated from companies engaged in the mining sector of the oil and natural gas. It is experiencing a slowdown due to waiting for the accelerated economic growth back as before.

Although slowed down, but the price of rental house is estimated to increase ten to 15 percent or 300 us dollars ($ 3.7 million) to 400 us dollars (USD 5.01 million) higher than 2014.

For example, a home with three bedrooms in Kemang area rented at a price of Rp 5,000 u.s. dollars or 62.7 million U.S. dollars to 15,000 (USD 188,2 million) per unit

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